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Heya ppl! So anyway, I was studying for my English exam tomorrow, we have a bunch of poems, one of which is Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda. Its a good poem and he’s a really good poet. So I was looking up the poem and I found an entire bunch of his other poems and I loved this one and figured that since I was bored ( Yes, I know I’m supposed to study! But seriously, when I have something to do, especially studying, I can think of a million other things to do but when I actually have nothing to do, I’ll be staring at the ceiling, thinking about how bored I am and how there’s nothing to do..), might as well blog..

Ode To Enchanted Light

Under the trees light

has dropped from the top of the sky,


like a green

latticework of branches,


on every leaf,

drifting down like clean

white sand.

A cicada sends

its sawing song

high into the empty air.

The world is

a glass overflowing

with water.

I love the imagery!

Bleh to English exams that make us dissect poems! But since its our last one, I’m so happy! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Exams are almost done!!

I really should get back to studying, I don’t wanna flunk in English of all things..

L8r, ppl!


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