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wakin-dreamLast Friday, I crossed over to the dark side. That is to say, I became *dramatic pause* an Adult. I highly doubt that turning 18 will bring with it some sudden spike in maturity, though, so expect a whole lot of whining and tales of mishap as always.

Anyway, to celebrate the Big Event, Lucid and Fuzzy thought they’d give me a little surprise. Except, of course, they suck ( for one thing, because I have to announce my birthday, myself!). So I knew something was up the eve before the actual surprise itself, because 1) both Lucid and Fuzzy were out at the same time when I’d called to talk to them  2) Lucid giggled like mad and Fuzzy’s mom giggled when she told me the girl wasn’t home.  Somewhere within the first three seconds of this, I smelled a rat. I chuckled to myself (I don’t ‘giggle’) and went to bed. The next morning, my mom wakes me up and spouts some crap about how I should wake up and take a shower because we might go out. I played along-kicked a fuss, said I wanted to sleep in etc (*more chuckling*).

Then  Lucid and Fuzzy showed up, and were all “SURPRISE!!”.And they gave me balloons.

Like I said, they SUCK.

But not as much as you’d think, because they also bought me 17 other things (18 things in all for my 18th, see?) that you can read about after the break below (or you can quit here and consider them complete and utter losers, you choose!).


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