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Picture this:  About 3 hours to study (for the test) and we sit under a tree, overlooking a mini lawn, the sun’s rays pleasantly falling on the ground through the (very)light canopy, and earphones plugged into our ears.  Almost perfect, right?

Not if you happen to be in our college. Half-an-hour of pleasant studying, we are interrupted by a screech. A monkey. And following it are about a dozen more. *Ack! Jumps back 2 feet, clutching my iPod and notebooks.*  The monkey doesn’t seem to do anything. We lug all the bags from under that tree and onto the lawn. That’s when this big blob of murky black leaps. *Eeew. A frog!* We couldn’t sit on the lawn either.

So we trudged off to the biotech block. Sitting outside, we resume our intellectual pursuits. That’s when a few dogs come silently and sit here and there, in silence. A minute later, as if  they were part of some  special mission, about 10 dogs bound for the tree and fight with the monkeys. The dogs try to bite the monkeys who’re throwing fruits(from the tree) on the dogs.  Barks and screeches later, the monkeys were seen jumping on another tree(quite far off form us, thank you.) They disturb these 2 crows; so ensues another battle, between the monkeys and the crows.

That was that and we were off to make more sense of E.G. And yeah, an eco-friendly campus is where we study. Sure.

P.S.: Possession by A.S. Byatt is awesome. Go, read, NOW.


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Hola! This is way overdue. Blame School. Ok, so Adzzie isn’t the only weirdo around here ;). Though I can’t be weirder than her (who can?!), I’ve got some of my own special weirdnesses…

1. Of everyone I know, atleast I have the most weird dreams. My scariest dream when I was about 6 or 7 was one where my family and I went on a mummy hunting expedition to Antarctica and got stranded or something. My mom turned into a werewolf in another childhood dream. Another one I had was one in which Adzzie and I are at the beach and we go into the water, normal enough, except she suddenly dunks my head in the water and drowns me!! (I can’t swim) And then, she starts going Muahahahahahaha! Now what does that tell you?? Hmmm…

2. I compose blog posts in my head too. Especially before dropping off to sleep.

3. I always check under my bed and in the bathroom before going to sleep. Always.

4. I’m obsessed with my hair. Fine, I’m admitting it..but don’t expect me to repeat it!!

5. I DO NOT agree with Adzzie in the end.

6. I hum ‘Camptown Ladies’ at random moments. I especially love the Doo Daa Doo Daa bits!

7. I am mortally afraid of dogs. Really. Everyone makes fun of me that I would walk into the path of a moving car on the road if I spot a dog! I’m even afraid of 2 month old puppies.One of which I have seen so its been proved.

8. It takes me forever to fall asleep. What I do at those times is write. In my head. I never actually write it down (except for the blog). Guess I’m just too lazy.

9. Which brings me to this point, I’m hugely lazy except when I draw or write or do a project I’m really interested in. Then, I’m a perfectionist. I guess I’m a lazy perfectionist! Not called The Oxymoronic Oxymorons for nothing you know!

10. I have slight hypochondria. I’ve always been afraid of getting sick. I remember, when I was younger, my mum had this soap opera phase and almost everyone would have a brain tumor and at that time every head ache I would have (once in a blue moon) would be a brain tumor. I hate watching hospital shows, realistic ones anyway, or reading anything that has the protagonist sick with a life threatening disease. I mean I would read it sure, but I would be a little down for a while after it.

11. I’m averse to watching the Simpsons. I have never watched them all the way through an episode and I never will. This particular weirdness is due a very strange dream I once had. Yes, I know. Stop Staring!! So, yes, in this dream, Homer’s standing near this little hole in the ground that’s sucking everything in. I think I’m scarred for life. Lolz! Its not that I’m scared, its just that I’ve never tried watching them I don’t think I will either.

12. I hate crowds and pushy sales people. I would as well not go somewhere than navigate crowds. I hate large amount of people invading each other’s personal space. Its suffocating.

I think thats it…If I remember something else I’ll add it in. So, see, I almost beat Miss. Super-Weirdo! Thats close enough. As I’ve always said, Adzzie is one of a kind and its better if it stays that way!

Later dudes..and girl dudes!

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