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I wish we celebrated Halloween here. It would be fun, not just the candies part, but the dressing up bit as well.

I meant to post this sooner, but my modem decided to die and when it did come back to life, I forgot I had typed this out. Here goes!


So, Lucid here, went to the Hong Kong version of Disney Land and got us cute little  Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears as a souvenir. Look:

Now, you have to agree they’re cute. Right? Yeah, they’re cute as long as it isn’t attached to a shiny golden veil.



Last week, when we didn’t have college (Amen to that,) I was sitting at home, bored. Very bored that I decided to put the Minnie ears on.

That’s how I look with the ears on. It’s a pretty good representation of myself, if I do say so.And then, I decide to head to the store near my place for some chocolates and a bunchy of thing my mother needed.

That’s route I took. About 2 minutes of walking. See those grey circly things? They’re the random people staring at me which I didn’t notice.


I go all the way to the store, get the things I want, settle the bill with the shop keeper and return. I still did not notice the strange looks people were giving me. I did meet some neighbourly people on the way back and yes, I did wave to them.


I come home and this is what happens. (Yes, it’s blue because my room is blue.)



That’s what’s been happening to me.  I’ve been watching tons of Supernatural and Big Bang Theory these days. Because this month is when we have all those big-bad-uni exams.

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Well, so I told you I went to Paris and Switzerland right? It was really amazing. And so, here are the pictures. Paris first.

The Eiffel Tower. As stated in all texts, it really is a wonderful structure. It is best to see it in the night, when it is all lit and up and there are these flashy lights that add sparkle to it every hour.

The Arc de Triomphe. Another wonderful work of French architecture, with pretty awesome sculptures on it.

Views from the Eiffel Tower. It was brilliant. So, there you have the clouds, taken at around 10:30 in the night. It is a little odd, because I’m used to the whole ‘it’s getting dark’ by 7:30 pm. And the next is a French Government building and the last shows the distance to respective cities. The distance to Chennai is 8,047 km.

Need I say anything more? It is a magical kingdom, indeed! Oh come on, Disneyland is not only for the kids.

The Louvre. It has some of the most beautiful works of art ever. And I don’t mean just the Mona Lisa. In fact, La Giaconda (the Mona Lisa to you) is highly over rated. Infact, I saw pretty amazing paintings in the same Salle, that looked better than that. And of course, the crowd mills around the Mona Lisa exhibit and the Venus exhibit.

That’s your typical Parisien Corner. I mean, such corners, were always fantasized in my head, with the buildings sticking to each other and a cafe in every corner. To see it for real, was… interesting.

And now, switching to Switzerland. It is one of the most beautiful countries ever.

The UN building at Geneva is really amazing. The first picture shows a WHO meeting taking place. We were allowed to see it form the Journalists’ Gallery. It was quite an interesting ten-minute or so. The person was speaking on reproductive health and actually commended India. Plus, they have this room with a gorgeous ceiling, which has giant paint-stalactites on the ceiling in a splash of various hues. A picture can never reproduce that, therefore no picture for you. The second is a blurry picture of some of the artworks adorning the Italian marble walls.

Interlaken is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Our hotel was between these two rivers, so from the balcony you seem to be bound by rivers and one large stable with these sleek, majestic horses.

That’s somewhere en route to Interlaken.  Picturesque.

That’s the Chateau de Chillon. It’s definitely worth the visit.

And now, for a few more random pictures.

The Rheinefalls

Mr.Snow without his parts.

Err.. Flowers.

So, I had an awesome vacation, yup. I meant to put these up sooner, really. But then, college started and oh well, no whining in this post.

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