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About time! The ‘special’ classes ( through which they eat up our hols)? Are finally done.I think I feel the tears of joy brimming oer.Ok,no.Anyhow, I’m practically singing this post out; I’m happy.So much so that I’m willing to forgo the perfectly tempting opportunity to tell you of the Bus Conspiracy, of School ( God forbid), and all of the books I’ve read ( these probably will make an appearance sometime later this week so, you know, don’t get your hopes up..).To celebrate the occasion of my Liberation from Hell ( yep, ‘Melodrama’ is my middle name.Er, alongside Revenge..), I got home and worked on this:

It’s off of the cover of The Sweet Far Thing ( Not the Sweet,Sour Thing as I originally thought- ” Remind me why you’re reading that cookery-book again? “, I ask LucidInsanity.).With modifications, of course.

*Through gritted teeth* It also falls to me ( my being the only one blogging today) to announce to the world that it is ourĀ  only regular reader generalno1 ‘s Birthday ( you’re ageing, your ageing!).So, yeah.

Catch you next post.

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