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No,I don’t need to be bundled off to an Institution- don’t want the psychiatrists themselves in straitjackets, do we? ‘Just what is that title all about?’, I hear you (or the Voices In My Head…well,one of the two ,anyway)ask. And the wise man says : patientez (Satan, I miss French!).

I am known for being Moste Benevolente ( Yeah,sis,I know it ain’t French,jeez..) and thusly I shall not send you to your grave prematurely.

Uh-huh.How many of you bought that? Say ‘aye! …Then smack your heads.Good kiddo.Take a cookie.

What I meant : I’m not turning it into a gallery (not now,at any rate), so no more antelope-phoenix hybrids.Do I hear a cheer? I’d better not hear a cheer!

SO.I was saying? The play.Yes.We- fuzzylogic,xmarthex,the self – watched Rumplestiltskin last evening, and with a twist to it, what with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and Rumple’s crazy rhyming.. it was fun.WIsh we had more theatre and a lot less cinema.*eyeroll. ‘Cinema’.Right.I mean,if you can call it that..

And on the way back? We were discussing TV shows (lack thereof, to be more precise) and I said something about -what was it? Okie, I’ll update when I remember- which translated itself-funnily enough- to xmarthex as Nach to the Groove, and what did my ear drum pick up but what I yelled indignantly at her, next: ‘I did not say Dance to the Loo ! What the- ?!’ At this point,fuzzylogic, being seated between us two deaf folks went into peals of laughter while we wondered- what the heck?


I also bought me one Kite Runner ( ).The reviews say a lot of mushy stuff about the book that I will majorly regret quoting for you,I know, and wish for a time turner.Or just come back here and erase it.Ha ha.Anyway, I have to say I can’t honestly disagree.So although I’m not paid for this either , “GO READ IT,THIS MEANS NOW!”

See ya!

Update : Fuzzylogic tells me it’s RumpELstiltskin, not Rumple like I spelled it.*Sigh* What has the world come to when a girl Navy Dude can’t misspell a little thing like that and get away with it,huh? Huh? (Not really)

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