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Color sprinklesWell yes, 14th July is Bastille Day, la fête nationale in France. Since I ran out of something to ramble about, this is what you get. Anyway, I know that this is celebrated by the Francophiles worldwide. And so, Pondicherry is no exception, as it was once a French colony.

Batsille was a medieval fortress and later was turned into a state prsion. It was taken by a French mob on this day in 1789. This marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

In Pondicherry, people raise the French and Indian flags and walk around the streets singing “La Marseillaise” (The French National Anthem) Pondicherry has a distinct French-ness about it in every turn – right from the ginormous statue of the Francois Dupleix to the little trinkets sold on the streets. And they have good home made chocolates to sell. And there’s Auroville, a very tranquil place to stay. It’s a very beautiful, relaxing vaction spot and has an amazing library (Which BWC keeps raving about!)

So, if you ever happen to live in (or visit)  India, you MUST see this place. (And no, I’m not paid to advertise this place )

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ere Hi! No not dead yet, close enough though. The exams are getting closer and they’re pressing us harder than ever at school and I’m just sick of it all. I should stop whining or the 2 and a half people that actually read will run away too..

What I did last week;

Read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, which was a really good read actually. I liked the way she expressed the whole ‘getting stuck in your own head’ concept. Though I was disappointed with the diabetes inducing sweetness of Breaking Dawn, I thought I would give this book a try anyway. I really liked the characters and the plot but wasn’t such a big fan of the end.Not a bad way to spend an evening.I’m currently reading The Red Scarf by Kate Furnivall. Its very interesting so far. Its based in Russia during the revolution. I love reading about Russia, it sounds beautiful.

Listened to Katy Perry’s album, One Of The Boys. I love her at the moment! She has a pretty good voice but what I like the most are her lyrics. They are like nothing I’ve heard before. I really like Lost, Self Inflicted, Fingerprints and I’m Still Breathing. My favorite song though is Thinking Of You. I love the lyrics and the music. Hot N Cold is just fun!

Went to a Career Counseling exhibition thing at MOP Vaishnav College here. It was really interesting. I loved the movies they’d made. They were really good! If I can maybe find them on Youtube or something, I’ll post them here.

Got very bugged and yelled at a lot of people and surprised a few others because I’m usually a quiet person and never really shout or yell at people (other than my brother of course, but thats universal!). I figure that I shouldn’t waste my energy getting mad at inconsequential things. I only get mad when someone really does something to bug me.

hersheys-kisses-chocolateAte a ton of Hershey’s Kisses and chocolates. God knows what I would do without my chocolate!! Three Cheers For Hershey’s!!

In other news, my house got renovated and my wall is now Yellow. I call it my Happy Wall. Yay!

So thats what I did.

I’m bored still and have to study Chemistry, which I really don’t like, or I’ll flunk.

Yay for me..

L8r people..

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