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We were just wondering, the other day, whether blog readers will wonder what we look like.

And that got me into drawing when I was bored.


So, here we are, in all of 2D glory, in proportionate order of height, from Left to Right – BWC, Luci & Fuzzy:


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untitledThe one on the left reads ‘Mr.Obvious’, for anyone who’s having trouble reading it. He’s a fellow from class.That is an anvil. The one on the right is a near-perfect copy of generalno1 (Lucid’s brother). Needless to say, these things aren’t real.Yet.

Disturbing, aren’t I?

Update:  Lucid is also currently busy not watching a show* because two of the characters aren’t seeing each other anymore.And this is my sanest form of company at college.Wouldn’t you hate my life?

*don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

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