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iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16abHi people! The blog turned One as of yesterday (Yay for us!) and we decided to celebrate with a cake and it was officially (until further notice) the best cake ever. Practically moan-worthy.

Here it is;042

Happy Birthday Blog! W00t!

It was gorgeous and we got it about an hour after we ordered it too! We had three candles and three knives (not pictured here) for the three regular writer on here, Me (Obviously!), Adzzie (BWC) and Lavvie (Fuzzy). We had a lot of fun that day. We attempted to cook food for ourselves and would have ended up having burnt food if it wasn’t for my Mum, so thanks Ma!

To mark the occasion, I figure you should know the origins of the blog. It began one fine day in April, in the summer holidays, when everyone was coming over to my place and Lavvie was early. The both of us were bored and decided on a whim, to start a blog and made everyone write a couple of lines in our very first post. Even the name The Oxymoronic Oxymorons took about 5 minutes to make up. We never thought that anyone would read our crap but to everyone who has ever read anything on here and our (very few) regular readers,  Thanks so much!

So, I guess that’s it. I hope the blog lives for a very long time and that wherever in the world we may be and at whatever times of our lives, that we will all post here and keep in touch.

Love you guys!


PS: Yup, new Avvie.

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