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This blog’s been quiet for quite a while now. That’s cuz I h8 school (all those who hate school, say aye)

Well, basically the much looked forward to summer vacation is over as of 5th. And so I have to finish all those crummy assignments, study for a physics test on the first day of school (YES, the teachers are insane to put us through this during the holz. Besides, we got only about a month of holz 😦 ) Why? Why? Why? (hehe – the melodrama!)Why do they torture us? It’s like going “back to hell” *sigh* (yes, I really hate school. Join the club, fellow school-haters)

Soz, besides the fact that I don’t wanna go back to “hell-hole” LucidInsanity is back from her trip to London.We went to the infamous beach today. Yay 4 the beach! And I learnt that Edinburgh is pronounced Edin-ba-ra :Weird. And also, that in Scotland, the bagpipes are from Persia and haggis from Greece. Major weirdo.

So I’m gonna leave u ppl, and go back to hating school (and finishing assignments. *sob*)

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