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OK, seriously, ‘Reading maketh a full man’ sounds much better. I just realized how there’s no proper, usable synonym for the words ‘reading’ and ‘book’.Weird. Anyway, I figured I ought to write something on here before everyone reading (or writing) dies of depression or something! But Adzzie’s last post was funny! But she forgot to mention my personal favorite (second actually, my current fav is the chalk one!) of her huge collection of funny stories.


When she’d just moved to India from Ireland, her aunt (?) decided it would be a good idea if Adzzie came along to pick up her cousins from school. All was well until, on the way back, they stopped at a store. Now the complications in this seemingly mundane act are crows. You see, thing is, in Chennai, we have a lot of crows….and little else actually. They’re quite common and mostly all over the place pooping away, showering innocent by-standers with their fragrant…um…droppings. But I digress. So our girl here had never really encountered an honest-to-goodness crow before and decided that she had to have one now. So, what does she do? She grabs onto an electric pole thing and says she won’t let go until she has a crow! Why she would ever want one is beyond me! Lolz!

OK, I have digressed a lot from what I actually wanted to write about.

Recently I’ve been in a sort of frenzy, finishing a book a day almost, staying up reading till 3:30 in the morning then realizing that I should go to sleep before the sun rises!

What I’ve read so far:

  • The Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin : Its basically about a gIrl, Naomi Porter, who has an accident involving yearbooks,a camera and steps and as a result loses her memory of the last 4-5 years. Everything that has happened to her between the ages of 12 and 17 is gone. But she does remember her math( Is this a sign?). What follows is plot about her discovering her world all over again and examining all her relationships, with her parents, friends, siblings and others from an almost third person point of view. Her character is human and flawed which makes the book quite easy to relate to and one that made me ask myself the question, ‘What would happen if I forgot the last few years of my life?”.
  • A Certain Slant Of Light by Laura Whitcomb: I found this book in the ‘Similar to Twilight’ category and you know how much we love Twilight so I decided to buy it. Its a love story about ghosts..sort of. Its a lot more complicated than that but you’ll have to read to understand. Its written very well. Almost Poetic. And I love the cover ( I know, I know ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’). But I don’t know, even though it was a beautiful book, I found it quite forgettable. I think it was too short and too rushed for me to enjoy properly.
  • This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen: Now this look I really liked. I loved the cover (again!) and the plot line. Its about girl named Remy and her life after high school. She is a girl who ‘doesn’t believe in love’. Cheesy, I know. But honestly the book isn’t. Well, anyway, she thinks love is imaginary because of two quite strong reasons, one, her mother is working on her fifth marriage and two, her father left her when she was a baby with nothing to remember him but a song called ‘This Lullaby’ written for her. Sadly, this song was his one and only hit and for Remy it was like ‘a bruise that never healed’. So every one is a cynic and hugely bugged with life. Enter or actually Crash in Dexter, the lead vocalist of a band who begins liking Remy on sight and changes everything with his optimism and his Potato songs! Read it.
  • The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen: Another book by Sarah Dessen. This one’s really good too. Its an all out love story. Its about Macy Queen. She’s one of those perfect girls except she isn’t. She lost her father to a heart attack recently and this was her way of coping.She has perfect life with a perfect mom and a perfect boyfriend and a perfect job at the lubray until she suddenly becomes an impromptu caterer at one of her mom’s parties and meets a bunch of amazing people who change her life. I like this one better than This Lullaby actually but I like the cover of This Lullaby better. I like Wes (the guy in this book) more than Dexter too. But they’re both really good reads.

Thats all for right now I suppose. I really need to go to sleep. Its late and I have school tomorrow (Bleh).

L8r people!

Update: I know I changed my avatar (again!). I swear I’ll stick to this one k?

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