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Its been a while. I blame the crappiness that is college life. But I’m back now. It’s just that I’ve been away for so long and we’ve actually gotten a few readers since then, that I feel like I should reintroduce myself.

Hi, Im LucidInsanity/Lucid/Chinx. I’m the sort of insane, girly, bouncy one. Expect sporadic bouts of randomness peppered with vacation posts or bookmarks and the occasional whine about college. Basically, the usual.

Speaking of which, @Adzzie and @Fuzzy, I promise I’ll post more regularly now.

Scout’s Honor!

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Sweet Escape


Here are some pictures from a holiday I took (you know, the kind we whine about never taking) a while back, but have been too busy to post*:

Real-live log houses,look!

That’s my mom on the left and yours truly to her right. And of course it’s a sketch-ified version because I’d rather not be on strange advertisements (for log-houses?) on e-bay, thankyouverymuch.

These were all taken at Talakona (which is possibly the name of the Waterfall, and not the Place, but it’s not like you‘d know.) , which is a lovely place in Andra Pradesh. The first thing you’ll notice is how tall the trees are.No, really. They’re always  so gigantic in the wilderness. We also saw ant-hills that were taller than your average Indian, but that is good news to nobody, so I’m just going to skip over that.


"Watchu lookin' at, punk?"

Then there was this gnarly tree, just chillin’ and being all gnarly-like. So I took a picture of him (notice how I couldn’t even get all of the tree in the shot–like I said, TALL!) and he kind of glared back like, whatchu lookin’ at, punk? So I just gave him his space.

In monochrome- why not?


There were other gorgeous specimens though, so my tree-fix was well-satisfied.

Apart from looking at (and in my case, sometimes conversing with**) trees, though, we did go on a safari:


Clarification: That portion of a human face is our guide’s. I am not secretly (or otherwise) a  40-year-old truck driver posing as a college student.

Our guide also took us on a trek and we stopped here for a while.I didn’t want to leave this place. Would you?

Or  this one.

These dogs insisted on following our guide everywhere.  I’m normally terrified of dogs, but these ones were ridiculously tame and would just come over and nudge me if I stopped at any point to take pictures (on the very narrow trail, so they couldn’t get past me). I may have kind of taken a liking to them, even. And that is the best my relationship with dogs can ever get.

So, in conclusion, I’m miserable to be back. I never really realize how much I love trekking and well,trees and things until I go on vacation. Right now, I just want to fast-forward through the next couple of weeks (of exams, gah) and go on vacation again.

On that happy note, see y’all.

*I’m going for ‘better-late-than-never!

**No, they never spoke back.

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I wish we celebrated Halloween here. It would be fun, not just the candies part, but the dressing up bit as well.

I meant to post this sooner, but my modem decided to die and when it did come back to life, I forgot I had typed this out. Here goes!


So, Lucid here, went to the Hong Kong version of Disney Land and got us cute little  Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears as a souvenir. Look:

Now, you have to agree they’re cute. Right? Yeah, they’re cute as long as it isn’t attached to a shiny golden veil.



Last week, when we didn’t have college (Amen to that,) I was sitting at home, bored. Very bored that I decided to put the Minnie ears on.

That’s how I look with the ears on. It’s a pretty good representation of myself, if I do say so.And then, I decide to head to the store near my place for some chocolates and a bunchy of thing my mother needed.

That’s route I took. About 2 minutes of walking. See those grey circly things? They’re the random people staring at me which I didn’t notice.


I go all the way to the store, get the things I want, settle the bill with the shop keeper and return. I still did not notice the strange looks people were giving me. I did meet some neighbourly people on the way back and yes, I did wave to them.


I come home and this is what happens. (Yes, it’s blue because my room is blue.)



That’s what’s been happening to me.  I’ve been watching tons of Supernatural and Big Bang Theory these days. Because this month is when we have all those big-bad-uni exams.

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