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Hi! I know I told you guys that I would post about the Vacation a week ago and I didn’t. Yet another occasion where you can blame College! I have to go to this camp thing that I really, DO NOT want to go to and I’ve been alternatively depressed/annoyed for the last couple of days.

Anyway, as promised, I present to you The Vacation: Part 1;

We visited HongKong and Macao this time and it was really fun. The places weren’t all that interesting, but the shopping sure was! And, DISNEYLAND! I know, I’m a three year old. We shopped a LOT and that’s probably not much of a surprise to Fuzzy and BWC (I can almost hear their groans). I bought 6 new pairs of shoes, Yay!

HongKong is basically a bunch of Islands, 243 to be exact according to our tour Guide and the two main ones are HongKong and Kowloon. We stayed on Kowloon, right by the harbour. The view from the hotel was gorgeous! Here’s a picture;

We were totally exhausted the day we arrived because our flight was at 3 in the morning IST but when we arrived, it was about 12 noon HK time. We just visited this giant mall that day. We went on a tour the next day. The tour bus was about an hour late but it was pretty fun after that. We went up the Peak Tower and saw the view. We also went to a jewelery factory. I bought this.

Apparently, its won some kind of award. Did you know that jewelery awards existed? We went to this Stanley market and my brother and I got our names written in Chinese Calligraphy. I’m not really sure how it works, but the lady there told us that the three characters that spell our names mean something and mine stands for, and I quote “Beautiful,Silk and Karat of Diamond”. Naturally, I was pleased. My brother’s name on the other hand means “Colorful and Gentle”. Apparently, the character in the middle stands for ‘and’. XD!

Our guide was funny, he made everyone memorize the license number of the bus so we wouldn’t get on the wrong one because apparently, a couple of years ago, an American couple had gotten on the wrong bus and they managed to get all the way to the Chinese border before the tour people found them!

The tour lasted only till lunch and since we were on the island of HongKong, we decided to head over to the IFC (International Finance Center), where we proceeded to shop. Again. That place has the weirdest floor! I tripped all over the place! People would be inclined to blame my heels but, come on, they were wedges and not very high ones at that. Anyway, we ended up spending too much time there. In HongKong, everything closes around 7 and we got out of the mall at around 6:30 and none of the taxi people were willing to take us across the channel(?) to our Island where the hotel was. My mum almost had an Aneurysm! But, we found this nice Security Person who told us that the ferry was a 2 minute walk from where we were and it would take us across and we could catch a taxi to our hotel from there. So, we get to the ferry terminal and start looking for Pier 2 (which was where the ferry to Kowloon would depart from). We find it and I realize that we have to catch the ferry that’s arriving in about 2 minutes and the one after that would be in an hour! The machine that’s supposed to give out tokens (which act as tickets) refuses to accept our money until my brother has to practically force feed it the bill after which we navigate the immense crowd and finally get on the boat. We then proceed to tease our mom about how hyper she got and about how it was an Adventure!

You can probably guess that nothing interesting really happens to me.

Random Fact: The day this happened, Fuzzy was on her way home on the bus when a woman’s water broke and the driver had to rush them to the hospital!

That’s all for now. Coming up sometime in the near future, Part 2!


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It is nearing that time of the year again– College:Miserable Year-II Of is about to commence.

Technically, we have half a month to kill before we get there,  but the ingenious founding fathers of said college apparently had strong sadistic appetites that require us to spend about a week in Camp, to be sated. I, as part of the National Sports Org. ( it only sounds fancy, we’ve never done anything worth a mention) have to stay at the hostel and run around campus for about two hours, daily.

Issues I have with this:

1. Hostel = Ugh! I’ve no issues with hostels in general, but our campus is pretty crappy. True story: Some kid injured his head because a fan fell on it !( They rushed him to the hospital, and my dad treated him, so this really isn’t just me taking advantage of artistic license.)

2. OK, so I run around for two hours. Great. That gives me.. 24-2=22 HOURS WITH NOTHING TO DO! ( I’m not going to factor sleep-time in, seeing as I just don’t think I’ll be able to.)

I wish I was exaggerating, but honestly our campus boasts:

i) Library with exactly ZERO non-academic-related books.

ii) One ground inhabited by (and I kid you not!) one family of pigs, a host of camouflage-savvy snakes, hanging worms ( no, really) and other such depressing fauna.

iii) No real internet, so to speak of.

iv) I cannot watch four episodes of House a day and then be swallowed by a vortex of self-made depression upon re-realizing that, at this rate, I’m going to catch up with the rest of the world and will soon have to wait a week for episodes, just like everyone else. ( I’ve been watching the show online for a little over a month now, and am half-way through Season 6.)

v) Will be forced to do my own laundry because  I am required to wear the ‘NSO uniform’ for the 2-hour sessions during which I will actually be doing something sports-related. And when I say ‘uniform’, you should picture  men’s disco pants from the ’70s.

vi)Despite these less-than-satisfactory events that I must partake in , I do not actually want to kick the bucket. And yet, if I eat at my college’s ‘canteen’..

vii) I will have nothing to do.

viii) I will have nothing to do.

ix) I will have nothing to do!

X) I WILL.. Maybe I will eat at the canteen!


I don’t suppose you want to listen to me whine much longer, and honestly, neither do I. So, here are some photos from better times ( my all-too-short vacation):

That's right. We went boating.

That's right. We went boating.

We had bright orange life-jackets on and everything.


Did I mention the mangrove?

We sailed through this mangrove, went right up to the sea. We might have gone  a little further, but my aunt was convinced that she was going to, uh, die. In the four-feet of water beneath us. So, then, we turned back.


…Which turned out not to be such  a bad thing, since our guide decided to take us through narrower waterways. These were beautiful, although at times we had to crouch low so as not to have our eyes gouged out by low-hanging twigs.


"Light at the end of the tunnel"


..And back out in the open.


The End

We were pretty exhausted for a bunch of people who had done nothing but sit on a boat for about an hour and a half. But it was pretty awesome.

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I’ve been on holiday for pretty much the last 15-16 days and I am now officially Homesick. Good thing I’m coming back tomorrow. I have a post all ready and written down but sadly the lack of a card reader has forced me to tell you all about it tomorrow, pictures et al. Also; I went to DISNEYLAND! Yes, I’m a closet-3-year-old.

Later People.

PS: Since I’m on my laptop and I’ve forgotten the code for my ‘colour’. This is what it’ll have to be.

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