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wakin-dreamNo, that title is just to add a little drama, because there really is no question.It IS purgatory. Just what atrocious crimes Lucid and I have committed in  our sorry previous births, we can’t tell but they must have been unspeakably atrocious for us to deserve this thing we now must call ‘ our college’. I know what you’re thinking. Oh, big surprise. That’s what your opinion of school was like, too! But consider– Lucid, who answers to the description of  ‘pink, lighty-up bouncing ball’ is (and here I quote!) miserable, too.

We’ve only had 3 days of college thus far, so I’m being told over and over again that I need to keep an open mind etc (so, none of that in the comments, please!). The trouble is, we’ve only about 2-3 classes over an eight-hour period which is really annoying, particularly when you find that you have just spent six perfectly good hours studying the kinds of lines (dotted narrow/broad, dashed, continuous..).I wish I was kidding you.Also, some of the professors are really rubbish, which is incredibly annoying when you consider  how highly the place is rated and so on. I  won’t even start on the students (makes me miserable, and I’ve only just stopped sulking.Also: Mom will murder me if I so much as mention it again, today.And then what will you do?).

So, basically, Lucid and I are currently thankful for

1) The fact that we’re going to the same college so there’s ONE person to talk to.


OK, no.That’s it.

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