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wakin-dreamYes, folks, India is a MAD place. And not just because of the crows, either. For one thing, we have a veritable assortment of poop on the ‘pavements’ (another Indianism for what you’d call the sidewalk) and streets- cowpoop, dogpoop, catpoop, ratpoop (OK, really beginning to enjoy myself, here) and a lovely scattering of bird droppings.

This all amuses me doubly when my cousins from abroad visit- they’re just so fascinated– and  by buffaloes and goats and things! It’s hilarious! The traffic is insane, as well (Don’t do things by halves, do we? *smirk*) and people are always crediting the crazy driving as being the original inspiration for car-race video games. No, really. If you are a cyclist/auto-driver anything goes. Oh, and the occupancy! Sometimes, you’ll see people in cars packed like sardines in a tin. Public buses are a menace, really, with tons of passengers hanging out so that the whole thing looks like it could topple over any moment. I’ve always though we should have three separate classes with different tickets and fares- sitting, standing and hanging. Just the ‘sitting’ class would be smartest, though, of course.

Nope, no kidding.

It’s also a place that’s home, at once, to abject poverty and, um, the opposite. People are crazy-orthodox and others are.. not-so-much. Sometimes, though, you’ll see things like this:

Only in India..
Only in India..

Bottom-line: SO worth it. 🙂

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home..

– Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

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