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Yep, you saw it, crows. You could say it’s the ‘Bird of Chennai’ because you’d hardly drive around without noticing at least a few crows. For a fact, BWC (when she was tiny) was seen hugging a lamp post because there was a crow perched at the top of it, saying she wanted the crow. (Sorry BWC!) Now, forget you read that line. I’d say they’re one of the most annoying animals (err… birds) ever seen.

They’re up and cawing early in the morning disturbing your deep, peaceful slumber, reminding you that you’ve got a whole day to go through. Also, they come and take your food, if no one’s around it. (I had a dosa stolen from my hand once ) And they’re always on any tree you find, so be careful while standing under a tree, as you might get crow-poop on you. Some of the crows here actually build nests for itself, unlike the usual belief that their young are raised  in some other bird’s nest. Also, if you leave clothes on the terrace to dry, they perch onto them, making claw-shaped cuts in them. They’re known to drop half-eaten fish around too.

And today, I went to get officially admitted into college. On coming back, we found a crow tapping the side window glass (cause, it’s the reflector glass type ones) and there was a huge crack on it. (And before you ask, it did poop on the window shield :P)

Guess that’s about it. *sighs* This NaBloPoMo stuff is tough, even with 3 people writing this blog. Oh well…..

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