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Color sprinkles

So we have rambled (ok, complained more likely) about the crazy school life and ‘the boards.’ Now that we’re gonna enter college, I guess it’s time to ramble(read:complain/rant) about it.

So anyways, the admission into college is a mighty annoying procedure. It’s not just ‘you-get-mark-you-get-in’ but also your caste and religion matters as they seem to have a quota for all of them. There are seat allotments for Christians, Muslims, the ‘backward caste (BC)’, MBC and so on. This practically promotes casteism in a world where we stand for equality. If we do, then why all this crappy quota nonsense? Also, if a BC person happens to have the mark that is good enough they are admitted in the OC(open competition) quota, not filling up their BC quota. Also, there is a ‘freedom fighter’ quota and ‘ex-servicemen’ quota. And that leaves us with a handful of seats to compete for. Even the IITs (India’s premier instituitons) aren’t spared from this ridiculous quota system.

And now, some Ministry guy has said that professors in IIT should be appointed based on the quota system. Can it get any worse? They should be appointed based on their knowledge and abilities to teach, not because they belong to some particular caste.

Well, that’s about it for now. Later folks!

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