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ICONATOR_7ce5ebe408f986000e22599cb9252306Well,this is Generalno1 from I’m Talking and I am here to guest post,about them obviously. Well, they are constantly getting together and doing nothing.Because they always have nothing to do.Yet somebody*cannot do anything for my benefit.Once, the entire platoon assembled at our house,and played Pictionary.I played also,but stopped when three of them screamed,yes,you read right,screamed. Lucid is apparently a wee bit excitable.Because they get together so much you’d think they do something different each time,but no,the schedule is as follows,home(Lucid’s, Fuzzy’s or “Convolution”s), talk for 3-4 hrs(I know, I can hear them when they are at my house), Beach(but you know that), eat(at home or the mall), bye bye, talk to each other on the phone.But for them to post this I need to say something nice,so here it is-you guys aren’t total losers,well all but one of you anyway.Well that’s it remember it’s I’M TALKING.**

*Yes, You Lucid.

**I’m having problems with views right now.

As punctuated by LucidInsanity. I couldn’t put my readers through the unedited version of that, Sorry.

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