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wakin-dreamI’m thinking my song ain’t going to be nothing like Bryan Adam’s. Ain’t going to be like any other song ever made, really..Hey, maybe this will be your challenge, readers- yeah, all three of you. Try to make a song out of this.

  1. Yesterday, I sent Lucid this:

” Sub: Blog.Write about going “eep” when you drop something.”

So she calls me and says, ” What was that all about? I didn’t even realize I did that!”.Which was hilarious because I really meant to send that to myself, and I meant to write about how people instinctively go “Eep!” when they know something is about to fall, even though they know better than to,  seeing as it is entirely pointless.”Catch that!” makes sense, but “Eep!”? Yeah, that post has been effectively ruined. Look at the bright side ( never thought I’d catch myself saying that but..) atleast I didn’t send that to my great-aunt by mistake.

2. I am a ‘Garm’.And a little bit of a ‘ Baphomet’ , too. Yeah, you heard me-Garm!Baphomet!

They’re from ‘ Noob Fury RO’ which is a ‘MMORPG’. Really.Teenagers are just getting weirder and weirder (Yeah, I can afford to do this, now- I’ll be 18 in a while.). Or my brother, at any rate. I suppose most people have played this sort of thing at some point in their lives, but it’s hilarious to me (and some times just puzzling). And what do people do in this game? They ‘leech’ each other.*

After having thus explained it to me, my brother went back to his little game. It took me a while. Then I said, ” Er..Leech each other?Leach?Really? Like, ah,  blood-sucking..?”.He unglued his eyes from the screen for about three seconds to give me that ‘Go back to your home planet’ look, before deigning to say “No, like leveling.”. Oh, that clears it up. Where I had vampires in mind before, I now had..bulldozers.Yup.So I asked him if er, bulldozing is what it was all about. Apparently not. Leveling/leeching is raising someone’s level on the game, which you do by “Giving them EXP.” (I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and assume that’s experience.No one correct me if I’m wrong.It’s confusing enough as-is.).

3. I won the Outstandng Home and Garden award or something. This is regular spam, of course, but still mad.Especially as I am so very, very far from being a ‘home and garden’ kind of girl..

4. After 17 years of evading doctors ( other than the parents, obviously.Oh, and by the way, that whole ‘Apple a day’ thing is rubbish.Take it form me.), I finally discovered my blood group last week ( I’m an A1 +ve for anyone who cares to know).

So, what’s your summer been like, thus far?

*Note : I’m fairly sure this isn’t the whole point of the game. Not even my brother would play the Leeching Game.I think.

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