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IMG_1095Hi people.Here’s one of my attempts at drawing! Its Sakura from the Tsubasa Chronicles in case she’s hard to recognize!

So, basically, I have nothing to say except that its damn hard to think of things to write about everyday. *sheepish face*

Here’s another picture;


So yeah, thats about it.

Oh yes, BWC and Fuzzy’s colleges have been decided and their headaches are done. I’m the only one left!! So unfair! *gets whiny*

As I leave you, here are some quite entertaining quotes from Gossip Girl;

Blair: If you cut revenge out of the Bible, there’s not even enough pages to make a pamphlet.

Georgina: I gave up my old ways when I let Jesus take the wheel.
Blair: That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice!

Blair: You don’t sound like yourself.
Georgina: That’s because I’m not.
Blair: I don’t think Jesus would like that.
Georgina: You can tell Jesus the bitch is back.

Later Folks! Promise I’ll write a longer post sometime soon! iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16ab

EDIT: This is the 150th post!

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