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wakin-dream1. PINK will be banned.Pink is already a band.OK, that wasn’t funny.

2. People who take soap operas seriously will be hanged.

3.People who do not punctuate will be hanged.

4. Hip-hop music will be banned.Anyone found producing/listening to the rubbish will be hanged. ( Yes, some people will die.But look at the bright side- population control!)

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be back on air (New episodes, of course!).

6. Authors who ruin the last book(s) of an otherwise amazing series will be hanged. No, actually? They will be driven over, and the pieces of their former selves will be jumped upon by Hannah Montanna fans.

7. Eight-year-olds MUST entertain themselves.

8. Bollywood movies will all be completely, absolutely BANNED.

9.  The adjective ‘pretty’ may NOT be used to describe everything.

10. Some people are not permitted to die : the cast of Friends, Ellen degeneres, John Mayer, Adam Lambert etc*

* Will elaborate later if I can’t find any other excuse of a post for this NaBloPoMo-thing.


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