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Color sprinkles

Ok, so let’s get the party done with. Basically, it was Sanj’s (very late) birthday party and she had called us for lunch. And a few hours later, she literally kicked us out (jus’ kidding! she had to get some official stuff done) Anyway, the point is, she was supposed to cry for the dress we got her and exclaim her thankfulness. And we got this: “It’s pretty” But yes, we did get treated to chocolate cake and a certain ‘American salad’ which had bread crumbs, cheese slices, mushroom slices, corn and lettuce with dressing.


These words are in German and translate to”Storm and Stress.” And, this was the title of a play by F.Maximilian von Klinger.

So, I’m thinking that “DURMSTRANG“, the famous northern wizard school, to which Viktor Krum, the international Quidditch player, attends is basically a wordplay of these words. These things are called spoonerisms.

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