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iconator_81974403b92ca32b5a67efe2d6bd16abThe title explains it all I believe, but I am going to attempt a post all the same.



Stuff you should (not really) know;

  • My braces came off!
  • I still haven’t gotten into a college.
  • Most of my life consists of sleeping, eating and being almost criminally lazy. All this is to be blamed on my sudden acquirement of huge amounts of time and nothing to do.
  • I’m bored sick.

That’s about it.

14760In other news, I recently read this brilliant book by C.W. Gortner called “ The Last Queen“. Its about Queen Juana of Spain who was more popularly known as Juana La Loca (Juana The Mad). It offers an insight into her life.  She’s  the (less famous) older sister of Katherine (Catalina) of Aragon, the infamous first wife of King Henry VIII.

The book is written in rich, almost lyrical prose. So much so, that you feel like you’re there, seeing, smelling and sensing all these things. I love his descriptions. Juana’s character has been well- researched (at least it seems that way, I’m no expert on the subject) and you forget that a man is behind this narration which is written entirely in Juana’s point of view.The book makes you feel.  The author makes you fall in love with his lead (I did).

All the characters are well-written and have dimension. She (Juana) comes across as a strong-willed, intelligent woman, far ahead of her times who has been wronged by the men in her life. I do not believe that Juana Of Castille was actually mad. I think she was driven to do the things that she did.

In short, A very well- written book and absolutely cannot be put down! Must Read.

I’m reading Emma by Jane Austen right now and I absolutely love it! ( More of the bubbly, over-flowing enthusiasm for you there. 😉 )


I think that’s about all that I can bore you with right now.  Here’s a quote I really love  from a movie I’ve never seen but really, really want to.

Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? – – Carpe – – hear it? – – Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.

-John Keating

-Dead Poet’s Society

See you later!

EDIT: Apparently, I do have something to say.

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