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wakin-dreamHi, there. Just thought I’d let you in on all the things us busy folks have been up to while we left you rotters hanging. ( Note: Not really.In fact I, at least, have been displaying a level of (in)activity only otherwise observed in certain enthusiastic hibernators.).Anyway, as always, this doesn’t mean we haven’t anything amusing for you.

The Contract*

The Big Locke Lamora-Deal:

I think we might’ve mentioned the first book on this blog, previously (and if we haven’t, you will definitely find a Bookmark post on it within the week). The sequel, Red Seas Under Red Skies is just as awesome, and boy do I mean AWEsome! So, you’d think Lucid would be dying to see for herself, wouldn’t you? Except, that ass of a girl seems to have vowed not to read ANYthing** I recommend in the same year that I do (go figure!). This time, though, she promised me she’d read it and accepted my generous deadline. This was last Saturday.It has been a week.Has she read it? NO. Why has she not read it? Because she (and here I quote)  “Watched a Cricket match” , “C’mon, went to bed early!” and to top it all off..READ ANOTHER BOOK ( that I had  expressly forbidden her to read without finishing this one, first.).

Would YOU wantonly associate with this girl? Would you, I ask?! And yet, being the benevolent person I am, I did NOT reveal the ending as I’d threatened I would, if she didn’t read it on time. And what do I get in return? The girl lies. L-I-E-S. Yes, she LIES. She told me, she said, ” Oh, I read about 250 pages ” two days ago, and now? “Oh..Er..250 pages?”  after having read through the day.

I. Am. Fuming.(Justifiably)***

So, I sent her this:Liar!

Befitting, no?

Wait till you hear the rest of it (Yes, there actually is MORE!)!


Yesterday, Lucid and the other asses in my life along with myself went shopping for the biggest ass of the lot– A certain Sanjana, for anyone who cares for details– seeing as her birthday is coming up. And we bought her a dress ( Will post a pic later) because that is exactly what she wants.Apparently, though, this just wasn’t good enough, oh no! I had to try on 50-and-a-half dresses to satisfy them (I’m supposedly the closest in size). Not so terrible, you’d think –except I don’t do dresses. And just to add fuel to fire, they kept giggling outside of the changing room and making the kind of comments that I cannot repeat in good conscience.**** Sanj had better buy me a freaking MANSION in return, that’s what!

Some friends.


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