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searching-for-meApparently, you can.

I should stop saying ‘apparently’ so much.Cybonk* me on the head next time I say it when it’s absolutely unnecessary.OK?

I took a chance and scanned this painting off of my wall– and lo and behold! It actually came out OK! I can’t believe it wasn’t just some crap-idea..Anyway, here it is in er, not person.

The Passion

SO, readers.Whatchu thinkin’, eh?

*Cyber-bonk.I’m sorry.No school for 3 days straight just makes me do funny things.Not that I’m complaining, no sir-ee bob!

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handHi Hi!! So, in commemoration of our 100th post, we’re going to let you see us! OMG! Yeah OK, no you can’t see us but you can see our hands. Its a start.

Yes, so, the hand and foot in the back are Adzzie’s. The hand on which Adzzie has decided to put her foot is mine. Behind me is Sanj’s hand. The huge one right in the front is Laav.

There you go, now you’ve seen us! If you care though, I will be very surprised.

L8r people!ere

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searching-for-meThe Last Will And Testament Of

BlackWinged Convolution

I, BWC declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all prior Wills and the like.

In the likely event of my death, this is to be recognized as the inventory of my possessions and those I leave them with.

1. My ipod – Bury this alongside me.Hopefully wherever the hell I’m going, they’ve got sockets!

2. Books – The library.

3.Homework – My brother.Yes, I will miss you too, sob.

4.Hate mail – Forward to school.

5.Anti-depressants – Distribute according to will to the needy students of Vidya Mandir.My sympathies rest with ye. OK, not really.In fact if I were you, I would learn to tell Cyanide from anti-depressants real quick!

6.My post on this blog – I’m irreplaceable, y’hear? Mourn me, wear black.

7. Chocolate – Fax to (wherever the hell ).

As witness my hand,

This 25th day of November, Two thousand and eight

– BWC.

( I wanted to sign with a flourish and everything but it’s just too much of a bother.Maybe some other time ? I am dying here, you know..)


And then? I got a call from school and- guess what?! School’s closed for tomorrow. I love the rain. Love.

Because now I don’t have to fret over the existence of sockets and dark chocolate in the after-life.Phew!

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61% addicted to Blogging..

61%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
ereYes I am. 🙂 I am also very sleepy now.
Good nite!

WordPress isn’t letting me display the image that goes with this for some reason…

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ere Hi! No not dead yet, close enough though. The exams are getting closer and they’re pressing us harder than ever at school and I’m just sick of it all. I should stop whining or the 2 and a half people that actually read will run away too..

What I did last week;

Read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, which was a really good read actually. I liked the way she expressed the whole ‘getting stuck in your own head’ concept. Though I was disappointed with the diabetes inducing sweetness of Breaking Dawn, I thought I would give this book a try anyway. I really liked the characters and the plot but wasn’t such a big fan of the end.Not a bad way to spend an evening.I’m currently reading The Red Scarf by Kate Furnivall. Its very interesting so far. Its based in Russia during the revolution. I love reading about Russia, it sounds beautiful.

Listened to Katy Perry’s album, One Of The Boys. I love her at the moment! She has a pretty good voice but what I like the most are her lyrics. They are like nothing I’ve heard before. I really like Lost, Self Inflicted, Fingerprints and I’m Still Breathing. My favorite song though is Thinking Of You. I love the lyrics and the music. Hot N Cold is just fun!

Went to a Career Counseling exhibition thing at MOP Vaishnav College here. It was really interesting. I loved the movies they’d made. They were really good! If I can maybe find them on Youtube or something, I’ll post them here.

Got very bugged and yelled at a lot of people and surprised a few others because I’m usually a quiet person and never really shout or yell at people (other than my brother of course, but thats universal!). I figure that I shouldn’t waste my energy getting mad at inconsequential things. I only get mad when someone really does something to bug me.

hersheys-kisses-chocolateAte a ton of Hershey’s Kisses and chocolates. God knows what I would do without my chocolate!! Three Cheers For Hershey’s!!

In other news, my house got renovated and my wall is now Yellow. I call it my Happy Wall. Yay!

So thats what I did.

I’m bored still and have to study Chemistry, which I really don’t like, or I’ll flunk.

Yay for me..

L8r people..

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searching-for-me I will say it AGAIN.This was intended to be a really-not-disturbing sort of picture ( for a change and everything, you know..) but then I happened, and so:


And also :

1.My size-0 brush seems to have eloped with the palette ( How could he!).

2. I spilled something on the original, then cut the whole thing out (which explains that funny curve on the right).Which = torture.Me and the scissors (read: Ski-zors) just cannot seem to agree.Ah, sigh.

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searching-for-me So I’ve been thinking.And thinking.And thinking.To the point where I wish I were thoughts-mute.About what, you ask? Impatient as always, aren’t we? Not that I can blame you.. XD
Mostly, I’ve been wondering..Why this sudden almost-aversion to Other People? OK, not-so-sudden.In the sense that I would celebrate the anniversary of our’togetherness’, perhaps, this summer.I can only explain it insofar that it’s this nagging something that’s like an alarm in your head saying “Why are you even here?”.< We interrupt this programme to bring you this Author’s Request :Bear with me! >The simplest way I can think of putting this is that everything I do lacks passion.Oh heck, it lacks minimum requisite interest.Right from going to school (Which, God, I demand an explanation for-yes, even though I’m not certain I believe in er, You!) and holding conversations to not-just-sitting-in-a-slump-all-night-like-I-want-to, everything is just so exasperatingly pointless.

Sanjana (one of the people who are supposed to post here) asked me a while back what I would pick if I was granted a wish,Yeah, that old question.And a very interesting one, nevertheless.An endless supply of wishes is what I totally would’ve picked if I had had the option.That being er, unavailable, I settled for ‘Peace’.I know, what kind of an answer is that, right? I mean unless you’re in a beauty pageant.. (God forbid!).What I meant, though, was just peace, ah, in my head.I notice how I’m particularly articulate when I’m saying things that make me want to roll my eyes (yes, at myself.).But I digress.

Peace.By which I can only suppose I mean exemption from The Shallowness that is Life. No, really.Why is it that everyone else seems to be happy enough with a couple of laughs at somebody else’s misfortune, idle chatter, and a trip to the parlour?


Pie Chart-1

Likewise, my attempts at ‘Picking a Career Already!’ have been.. er, not fruitful at best.Again, I can’t imagine doing just one thing over and over just so I can pocket a big cheque on Pay Day.I can find nothing that, ah, “has scope” that would at all hold my interest.Medicine and Engineering are out of the way.The things I love are arts, literature, philosophy and more recently- math.It is just unfair that a ‘Pass’ on your boards will still land you somewhere whereas if you picked something more outlandish you’d have to be at the very-frikkin’-summit to get anywhere and ‘have scope’.So, yes, life stinks etc.And we’re back to square one.I should add (just so you’re fully convinced of my insanity) that if I had the choice, I would love-beyond anything- to lead a Bardic life.What was that about insanity, again?Right.

I find that most of what I’ve written is barely comprehensible to me.Again.Apart from boring you to death, the point of this has been that I’m just tired of everything right now, and dealing with Other People simply reinforces the idea.And that I will still go back to school tomorrow and think the same.

Lucid and Fuzzy should know: you guys are excluded from the Other People category.The niceness is unintentional.OK?Good.

I also just realized how I said sometime back that “This is not a journal!” (and indeed it is not) but this is long, straight from my head, makes zero sense..halfway there, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, I’m going to go sleep, now.At 5:30 pm.

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