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Outside of a dog, books are man’s best friend.Inside of a dog..well,then,  it’s just too dark to read.

I don’t remember where I read that one or who said it but I couldn’t agree more.Last night, I finished Noughts and Crosses.

Consider yourself spoiler-warned

I thought the first half was brilliant.Seriously, I loved it.Towards the end, though, I had trouble deciding which of the lead characters I hated more.The fact still remains that it is a very good book and seeing as I have nothing better to do and neither do you (which is what I gather from the fact that you are reading this at all), I’m posting some of my favorite quotes:

” Sephy, d’you ever dream of just . . . escaping?Hopping on the first boat or plane you come across and just letting it take you away.” (Ahem. Sound familiar, LucidInsanity ?)” – Callum

“And just like that the sister (Lynnette) I knew was gone.Now she doesn’t go out, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t think much as far as I can tell.She just is.She stays lost in the middle of her own world somewhere.We can’t get in and she doesn’t come out. . . But her mind takes her to somewhere kind, I think, to judge by the peaceful, serene look on her face most of the time.Sometimes I wondered if it was worth losing your marbles to find that kind of peace.Sometimes I envied her.” -Callum

” One of these days, Callum is going to forget himself and actually look pleased to see me.” – Sephy.This one made me laugh!

And there was more, too but I don’t remember.Also: the book is obviously no mindless laugh track- it’s charged and draining. But still.Oh, and if you like this sort of thing ( basically some psychology and things – definitely not going to make it big with my description skills!) you’ll love 19 minutes.

Apart from that:

1) We-that is t say, LucidInsanity, FuzzyLogic, Marthe and I-met yesterday which is cause for minor celebration, school being its hectic ,er, not-self and all..

2) I bought

Which is really funny since LucidInsanity owns a copy and she dared me to go read it because it was so utterly rubbish-y.I never did get around to doing that ( I don’t know why).And NOW..I’ve gone and bought it.Er, because there was nothing else to buy.And? I really like it so far.Crazy, yes?

The Yellow Coloured Stick Paper With Gum has also been featuring more in my life.OK, last night, anyway.Because I’ve taken to marking off quotes that I like so I don’t have to memorize the page numbers or anything and highlighting would’ve ruined the book.

3)Back to school tomorrow.

On that ominous note, I shall take your leave.

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