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Firefox vs. IE. It’s something that’s almost always discussed. Forget all those boring tech stats. Read on to find out why I feel Firefox is the best:


“Internet Explorer”: Jeez, Do they have no imagination? It’s so obvious, nothing interesting nor does it sound nice. Though the “IE 7” does sound better than “Internet Explorer” But it can’t beat Firefox. “What’s In A Name? – Almost Everything” The name “Mozilla Firefox” has a “zingy”(i can’t explain what that word is) sound to it.



If you’re the one who likes elegant-ish then the IE is for you. But Firefox’s logo is more colorful & “fun” It is like a “fox conquers the world” or whatever u say.


Firefox has it all. It has lots of themes, photo organizers  and loads of other extensions that makes your Firefox more “you” IE on the other hand has add-ons but not as much or good as that of Firefox’s.


Firefox has this little window that slides outta the screen to say download’s complete. It’s download manager is good. And it has an inbuilt dictionary for field where you type in.

You don’t need anything more to convince you now, rite?  Firefox conquers IE, Firefox ruleth!!!

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This is something I’ve been thinking to write about for a while now ( so I am actually thinking all those times that I am being my not-so-talkative self,see!), having been on both sides of the introvert/extrovert line.The universally acknowledged idea of ‘introvert’ seems to be ‘weirdo-loner’.The universal idea, as is its wont, is.. amazingly wrong.And stupid.To me, the essential differences between an introvert and an extrovert are the ability to make small-talk and spontaneity.

The general idea also seems to be that introversion is something of a recessive trait.It’s easy to see where this comes from since extroverts seem to easily fit the conventional ‘social’ mould.And it’s true, it’s easier to talk to an extrovert since that kind interaction is just what they seem to crave.Meaning, it is advantageous, being an extrovert -but only (bold,italics,underline!) because most people are, making it more ‘acceptable’.

Take a look at the most successful people in the entertainment biz and you’ll find that they’re generally easy around a cam, or on interviews..The introverts?Not so much.But the thing that people seem blissfully blind to is that where skill or personality is concerned, there’s no such division -it’s simply that some people are very easy to like because of an ability to completely throw themselves into things and express themselves without..*sort of mutters to self*<– just that.That’s supposed to say that they’re better at expressing themselves.See what I mean? 🙂

Introverts, on the other hand seem to prefer quiter forms of expression.They (we?) are not averse to talking, but to making small talk- this being acceptable only under certain circumstances, say, a first meeting.To my observation, they prefer one-on-one conversations with some depth and can actually be real jabberjaws, come to that.With extroverts, tongue-wagging becomes almost essential and anyone who doesn’t seem to want to fuel conversation just for the sake of it “has issues“.I wont pass judgement on the choice to: make small-talk or abhor it, but I’m guessing it’s pretty clear thus far, eh?

From the little research I did, apparently there’s actually differences in what energizes your typical extrovert Vs. the introvert.While social engagement activates the frontal lobes of the extrovert-brain, the introvert is better energized by more inwardly-directed, individualistic activities such as reading.

So where exactly is all of this going? No idea.I suppose I’m asking just why, in a world where we learn straight from grade One to set cultural and ethical differences aside, Introverts are regarded as a social(or should I say anti-social?)-ly ‘difficult’ people.

____ ___ __ __ _____

Also : yes, I’ve finally changed my display image to match my avatar so you know I’m not really schizophrenic.I mean, not really..

____ ___ __ __ _____
Update : Famous introverts ( bit of a paradox, no? But hey, we are the Oxymorons..) : Queen Elizabeth II, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Katherine Hepburn..to name a few. And :

Introverts’ contributions to society far exceed their numbers. Estimated to be a mere 30% of the population, many of these people have changed our lives inestimably.

So,ah, you can now run along and be proud if you are one.Or something like that.XD

‘ Later.

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Hate to turn this into a rant-site but seriously? I’ve been saying for a while (over a year now, I believe) that what I really need to do now is : run away.In the likely case that I follow this up, this will be my last post. O_o.Weird thought. I mean, you know, unless I find a browsing-cum-old people’s home.. with free dark chocolate.. OK.Really not helping things, there!

‘Runaway’ (obviously) :


On a happier note, I (finally) get to play throwball tomorrow-the single match of the year, the joy!But,hey- it’s something.

My Cranial Jukebox is currently jammed on : Fade To Black, Metallica. Yes, ancient we are (No, Yoda, we are not !).

Oh, and since I haven’t seen Marthe: Version-Ouch! , I currently   picture this twitchy-nosed rat with two diagonally slashed off teeth forming a little triangle..Comic,really! Ah well, look at the bright side (*snorts derisively*) : You lost a tooth, but you gained a space for a straw!.Yes,this also goes under the head ‘My (creepy) Fascination For Old, Dead Men’ (NO, not really !).From Tom Sawyer.I think. That or this is my hazy mind’s way of dealing with things.If it’s the latter : I’m disappointed (and how!).Nothing even remotely dramatic? I must be farther gone than I’d imagined heretoforth!

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Hello all. So something exciting did happen in one of our lives yesterday and not in a good way either. Marthe met with an accident. She was on her way home, minding her own business, cycling away. When, all of a sudden this Auto-dude decides he really really needs to go past her and starts honking away. So,she gets ready to turn. But, just then, this Honda City also decides it wants to turn (obviously not the car, the ppl…duh.)…and then…BAM! Car Stops. Cycle falls. Marthe falls, face down on road. Elbow gets scratched. Teeth get chipped. And stuff hurts (Probably NEway).

So, that was the story of the accident. Now for the aftermath. The next day ie; today, the genius girl figures that almost dying does not count as an excuse to bunk school and comes anyway.She can’t talk or write (Due to the chipped teeth and the elbow) but obviously,that doesn’t matter does it? When she reaches school everyone finds that she makes a most excellent specimen to stare at and make sympathetic noises.Which she does not appreciate. What was I doing at this time you ask?? Well, me being the awesome, called her Cave-woman all day. Seriously, I was quite confused as to laugh or cry. She did look very funny. But you know she had a freakin’ accident, so I was not supposed to be making fun of her and threatening people with ” If you bug me one more time, I will make sure you look like Marthe”..Um..He.. Sorry Marthe, if you’re reading this! So thats what happened today.

No, but something else did also. I guess this will be like a continuation to the Education post…

In our English class, we’re doing this lesson called ‘The Tiger King’ by Kalki. Its supposed to be a satirical piece on Animal Cruelty….I think. Anyway, imagine a teacher trying to explain and define sarcasm!!! I think she said that satire was a way to “ridicule people in a humorous manner”. I mean obviously there are a thousand other ways to ridicule people. We also had the following sentence added to our amazing mental database from where we are to spout these ‘points’ on command:

‘We see politicians like prostrate before their masters to flatter them’

If anybody can, someone please tell me what exactly that is supposed to mean…. I thought I had misheard…but apparently I hadn’t.

We also have these reading and comprehension passages in our exams. They are the most boring part of our paper. We have a bunch of fixed topics; Globalization, the Environment, Global Warming, Child Development ( I’m dead serious.), Religion and Science too once in a while. I don’t even have to think anymore. I just write. Its automated.

Final Conclusion: Study for the exams. Do not actually learn anything. Pass the exams. Goooood.

More Coldplay now, I did go listen to Viva La Vida (the song) again yesterday and I absolutely fell in love with it!!!! Its just Wow!

I used to rule the world,

Seas would rise when I gave the word,

But now in the morning I sleep alone,

Sweep the streets that I used to own.

The rest of the song is even better. I also liked ‘Yes’. If you haven’t heard Violet Hill, Viva La Vida or Yes yet. Shoo! Off with you! Go listen NOW!


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Heya! Well, after Adzzie’s “serious” post ( *cracks up* ). Umm… yes, so I decided to write about something I have been bugged with for a while. Its our entire education system here in India. I think its flawed. A lot.

First things first, how many of you actually remember what you were taught in the 8th or 9th grade?? Does it matter when a war took place or how many people died? Isn’t it more interesting (and probably useful) to knw why it happened? So, forget history, I feel history should be taught like stories so we actually register something rather than just sort of mugging it up for the exams (for the uninitiated, “mugging up” is a term that is used here to refer to memorization. Lolz!). Even the Physics and Chemistry we learn has no direct application in our lives everyday, and most of it so vague (it is when you enter the 11th grade), but even that is OK, because Science is an educated guess (as I have said many times to Adzzie who is of the opinion that Math is the only thing that makes sense anymore). So if your base is wrong, then you’re kinda dead rite?. The board tells us that we need to ‘apply our concepts’ and gives us ‘HOTS’ (higher order thinking) and……it gives us books to ‘mug’ these up from. The point therefore is lost. So, no one actually ends up thinking as such. We are told that we’re learning but are we really?

I’m especially bugged with English exams, rather than the language that we are supposed to learn, the teacher checks whether all the ‘points’ of the answer are present. So, even if your English is crappy, if your ‘points’ are there, you score.Its mad. They take all the fun out of learning.

Fine, I will stop whining now. I do like my Physics though. I find it quite interesting. But thats mostly beacuse I actually read my reference books and try to understand everything properly.

Thats done then. Please DO NOT take it all seriously and get offended (JIC). K? (She sez to the imaginary people).

In other, more interesting news, have you heard Violet hill by Coldplay?? Its off their new album Viva La Vida which I learnt means “Long Live The Life” in Spanish. The cover art is very interesting which has been taken from a painting by Eugene Delacroix called ‘Liberty Leading The People’.

Liberty Leading the People (French: La Liberté guidant le peuple) is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, which toppled Charles X. A woman personifying Liberty leads the people forward over the bodies of the fallen, holding the tricoloreflag of the French Revolution in one hand and brandishing a bayonetted musket with the other.

(Thanks Wiki)

So. Back to topic. I love that song! Its beautiful musically even though I do not seem to understand what exactly its about, it seems like an anti-war song..(If you know, please leave a comment!). Viva La Vida is also a good song which I really need to listen to again.

My favorite lines from Violet hill are:

Priests clutched onto bibles
Hollowed out to fit their rifles
And the cross was held aloft

A leetal bit morbid? Yes. But I like them all the same.

So with that I leave you my people. Cya l8r!

Update: Check this out, someone really doesn’t like the board…


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null You know, I hate to agree with Xlucidinsanityx but being in 12th grade?Oh,it sucks big time.The 11th is about when things actually start getting hectic (causing the wisest of us to drop out of school) but a year from then, I can say no better.It’s not so much about the seriousness of it all (comic, really) and the ‘making decisions’ (because, let’s face it- the tea shop idea remains my best thought-out ) but the fact that school doesn’t seem to have legit, restricted hours anymore.Assignments, homework, ever-looming test papers..you name it,I haven’t done it we’ve got it To Do.Well that’s what we’re supposed to be doing anyway, not whining (constructive) writing..

I am going to have to figure out (sometime..) what the heck I’m going to be doing another year (oh, the agony!) from now since my mum believes the only alternative is to become a cowherd (and, of course, she ‘will not be buying me the cows!’). I mean, really, I don’t much fancy cows either,anyway..So I thought, ‘ Hey, why not just yell into the void a little about that and see what these non-existent readers you’re forever typing to have to say?’.Long thought, yeah?Well anyway, I was thinking.I don’t have anything much narrowed down for you to pick from (I wish!) so I don’t see how you can pick for me but hey,look at the bright side – I can pretend I did something towards those ends.That’s me , ever the,ah, Optimist (Not fooling anyone here, are we? Ah, well,that’s Pathological Liar by Profession out of the way for you.. 🙂 )

Things I like (doing) :

Eating dark chocolate a.k.a My Personal Haven


Writing.. only, not for Other People.Ehe.

Music..singing ..ditto.Ehehe.

Travel! (My mom is a mean hope-crusher, though(how does she sleep at night?!);she says too much     travel wont help when I need to,ah,settle and things. Travel = bad? What were these people taught at school ?! And ‘settle’? I thought that sort of things happened only in fairytales because, I mean, me? Riiight.And who wants to ‘settle’ when you can be out there traveling, right??Sigh.).

Art.Though judging from the snout-nosed people who will not be named (remember Curiosity killed the cat?)…

Literature.Language.That sort of thing.Although, if that’s what I’m going to be working on? Why in the blazes did I study 14 years of everything else,you tell me?


-ish. I mean, no, not really.I do like the subject but I mean, where’re we going with this one anyway?


Logan (Wolverine)


You know, for all that this is helping you could just..I dunno..do a lucky-draw, pull stuff out of a hat- at least it’s fun..


That being done with, I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn either.There were a couple of interesting theories based on the title last time I looked -mostly with Jacob-implications but,not any of them very likely.

The Sweet,Far Thing that I chose to mishear as the Sweet,Sour Thing (Like,why’re we reading that cookery book again?) I haven’t read yet.The former two were good so, looking forward to that, too.Oh,by the way- love all the covers.I don’t see how I can copy off this one, though.Hmm..The Lady Elizabeth? Brilliant.As a character, almost unreal- vivacious,fiery,extrordinarily intelligent..and,of course, there’s the intrigue and pacey-ness of court life..all of which make it a great read.I wish I was paid for this.

Update: “Serious” stuff.Not,ah,serious,you know?

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Hola pplz! No, I did not die (You may Rejoice), but was merely being worked to death by the torture house they call “The Board” ( You may cower in fear). Yes, ppl, I am now in the 12th grade and must ‘take my studies seriously’ and ‘work hard’ because this is a very ‘crucial’ and ‘the deciding’ year of my life. If you’re from India, I bet you’ve already heard all this and more. Join the club.

So , from the last time I wrote,I have returned from London and the joys of vacation and not so gently been plopped into the life of a 12th grade student. Its a sad life. All I seem to be able to do is study, there is simply no time for anything else. In fact, as I write this, I am worrying about my Chemistry test tomorrow.

But I am not completely disabled, I have finished reading The Lady Elizabeth which I found very very well written a good way to learn about the history of one of the most intelligent and shrewd queens of England. We should have been taught history this way! I have also read The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, the last book of the her trilogy set in Victorian England beginning with A Great and Terrible Beauty followed by Rebel Angels and finally, The Sweet Far Thing. I absolutely loved the last one.It was a good ending to a good series. The books are a sort of mix between Historical fiction and Fantasy. They’re a good read, pick them up if you have the time. I also read the first two of the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy and Frostbite) which are a good, sort of “pass the time” books.Well written but quite predictable and a little clichéd. But I still *heart* Dimitri!

In other news, I’m loving the Breaking Dawn cover!!! Can’t wait for it to come out! If Santa can get Adzzie her mad gloves and all that stuff, why can’t he just get me Edward Cullen, Hmm?? I *heart* Edward also! (JIC)

I have to go study now or I shall flunk my test tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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