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“..Tant pis pour elle..”.So much piss for her.Wait,what?

And that, folks, is what I did yesterday(the translation, I mean).Not just that all day, like on loop but..close enough.So, apparently? Tant pis is’ too bad’.Nothing to do with, ah, ahem.

Before you declare me beyond medical help and OMG, RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIVES!, I should tell you I was reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina- the words didn’t just float up to me, in which case I’d have had to agree with your ‘RUNnnn..!’ decision.It’s a good book too -otherwise of that little shock it gave me- although a little soap opera-esque.Still, I think I like War and Peace better although I read it ages back and don’t really remember much of it.I did watch the movie recently though.. ( Yeah, I know, stand me in a museum and call me a fossil! I tend to prefer older movies and adaptations because you get to see actual good acting, it’s more theatre-inclined than stuff that goes on the big screen these days.I mean, people are on there not just because ‘OMG! He’s so cute!’.OK, know what? I’ll call ya when I’m selling the novel.Although...OK,I’m zzzzippin’ it!)

Despite my ‘promise’, you should’ve seen more art on here today but for the fact that one sheet is,ah, shredded (let us have a moment of silence) and the other is to be.Definitely not for human- or any other, for that matter- eyes.*Grimace*

So while Fuzzylogic abandoned me, and xlucidsanityx went shopping (AGAIN!) somewhere in London I got to hmmmm… ahh.. let’s see… nope…uummm… shall we say, DO NOTHING?!

Hey, have you ever heard that saying, ‘Life, she be cruel’ ?

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Sorry, I tried really hard but I couldn’t think of another title. I haven’t posted for a while because…I’m on holiday, duh! But I couldn’t resist writing about the Abbey. We went there a couple of days back and it was one the most amazing experiences of my life.

Here’s some back story,

(Thank you Wikipedia!)

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, which is almost always referred to by its original name of Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, (it served as a cathedral from 1546 – 1556), in Westminster, London, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English monarchs.

It was built between 1045-1050 by King Edward the Confessor and is the oldest building in London. It was rebuilt again by Henry III in 1245, he was a great fan of architecture and it shows,the Abbey is an architectural masterpiece. The carvings,memorials and the statues beautiful. As you enter through the main door ( We were late, the last ones who got in. Thank Goodness!), the first thing you notice is the ceiling and the amazing way that it has been made and I just kept looking at it.There’s so much to drink in as you look around, the sculptures of the angels and the people they’re taking away to heaven or whatever. There was even a sculpture of the grim reaper pulling this man ( I forget who..) down!

It was like as soon as you entered, there’s almost perfect silence. Everyone is in awe of the magnificence of the place. There’s this aura of sadness about the place.

It was practically surreal coz I was in the place where people like John Keats,Alfred Lord Tennyson,Thomas Hardy,Rudyard Kipling,Shelly were buried (Poet’s Corner)!! I saw graves of Queen Elizabeth I, Mary I and Mary Queen Of Scots.There was writing in Latin, I wish I could understand it.

The Abbey was originally a monastery, so we went into the Chapter House of the original building and on the walls were paintings of Judgement Day which was supposed to happen in the 1500’s! Lolz! But still, it was amazing..

We also went to the Tower Of London and I saw the Crown Jewels. Also saw the Cullinan diamond, actually the pieces of the diamond. It was the largest natural diamond ever and the geniuses decided to cut into so many tiny tiny pieces!!

All this history is absolutely amazing! I’m currently reading The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir an its quite good so far. All this does raise the question, where is all of India’s history? We have, frankly a richer history yet it is not as promoted…

On an absolutely unrelated note, I bought a gorgeous new dress!!!! Yay!!!

So thts all 4 now..I’ll update about our trip to Auld Reekie l8r..


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