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Here’s something interesting that I read.


Apparently, there was this French architect, Charles Ribart, who added a sense of “fun” in his works, in an age of architectural grandeur.


It is said that he planned an addition to the Champs Elysées, in Paris, where the Arc de Triomphe stands now. It was s’posed to be building on 3 levels, in the shape of an elephant. (I would say that would be an amazing thing to build) It was to consist of a ballroom, with the entry through a spiral staircase from the elephant’s underbelly. The drainage was to be incorporated in the trunk and all the furniture were to be folded into the walls of the elephant when not in use.


But the French government wasn’t amused and called the entire thing off!

Pic of the proposed building:


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Yup. I have changed my display pic thing!

Now, I usually detest road trips. It makes me feel nauseous. So why was this one an exception? Beats me. Anyways, we had to travel to Hosur which is very close to Bangalore from Chennai.


 So we hired a driver ( my dad can’t drive for long hours. He gets backaches) and set off to Hosur on Sunday. Guess at what time. 3 in the morning. OMG. I was so dang sleepy that I just slept in the car. For a while, anyway. And then it was just awesome. We were blitzing down the NH 7 at over 120 kmph. It was awesome! Now i understand why dogs like to stick their heads outta the car window  AND stick their tongues out.

 We get there in like 3.5 hrs. Looooved it. The scenery was nice. There was no traffic. And it wasn’t hot like Chennai. I saw this rain cloud whcich was like the one in cartoons, you know, small, grey and rains only over one person. I saw one just like that. It’s true. Maybe not that small. But small like to pour over 5 ppl.


We got to my uncle’s house. We had fun. My bro and my cousins went to a chess tourney. Me? I h8 chess. All those ppl in the tourney (under 11) can beat me in 3 mins!) It’s the most boring game I’ve ever played. Now, throwball would be a lot better. And then we left the next night, came back home and I slept. The end of my amazing Road trip!

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