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Yeah I agree, weird title. But yeah, I like weird stuff. I really want David Cook to win but… Archuleta might. doesn’t matter, He’s good too and he’s 17. OMG, It makes me feel like I’m jus sitting at home typing this and there he is doing something. Since Chinx (LucidInsanity) was goin off to London, and I was extremely bored (and loony) I SMSed her a poem. This is what I think(cuz I don’t save snt meassges) I sent her: 😀

Bye. Have fun,

While we roast under the sun.

I have nothing to do,

I wanna go to the moon.

I made some pudding,

And the egg-yolk’s on the ceiling.

Yes, I’m feelin loony,

Loony, like the moony!!

Yup, tres loony. This neighbour of mine, came over and casually asked “Do u have any tuitions” And I said “No” which earned me into being enrolled in a math workshop. Me, math- NONONO.

It was some “vedic math”, whatever. I had to go for it cuz my neighbour was organizing it. *Arrrgh*  I was begging my mom to let me “suddenly catch a cold/fever.” I did not wanna go.I asked xMarthex to come with me and she agreed (she’s the easiest to convince! I mean, Adzzie/Black wouldn’t agree, ever. And Chinx/Lucid is enjoying herself in London.) Marthe, when you read this, hehe ^_^ So I found myself company. Yay! But it ended up well, it makes stuff easier. It was extremely boring at first, so, obviously, I was doodling. Here’s some of ‘em:


I was really bored when I was makin gthat last one. It is supposed to be a female who has blue eyeliner on. That is a pictorial representation of Chinx/LucidInsanity when she is asleep!

Here’s another pic, I took. Doesn’t it look good? ^__^  I mixed myself this juice (actually sherbet-that’s what it sez on the label) called Roohafza which is good (a great cooler!!)


And, Adzzie’s funeral instructions, I have to wear a tutu, which is like, umm…, expecting ballerinas to be ungraceful. Sheesh, couldn’t she have picked Sanj to wear the tutu?

Oh and I adopted Marthe’s cycle today cuz I really miss having one. I’ve named it Zoë! *Congratulate me* I lurve cycling (not the Lance Armstrong type cycling)

I was soo… bored that I spent all the time redaing all the old stuff from Rubinman’s blawg.  Isn’t he really cute. Wish I had one. No I take that back. Nope. I’m scared of dawgs. I don’t care what all yoos say. But, maybe, Rubinman is one exception. He rules! w00t!


Nehoo, cyaz. I’m gonna go eat my pudding. *yumm!*


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