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Long, much? That’s exactly it, though.

The big question( that cranial jukebox I mentioned? Is now playing the Pink Panther theme! Ha ha.) : Which David? As a stout Cook fan, it pains me to admit it but Archuleta won all three rounds last night in my opinion.He made the better choices, the songs were situational..and his voice, as always.That’s not to say I’m giving up on Cook, no siree Bob! I thought the vocals to the second song were brilliant, but it probably would have worked more in his favor had heĀ  sung Billy Jean or Always Be My Baby, although he said this was from a wish to perform something he hadn’t, already.Anyhow I say-though I’m not paid for it(hint!hint!)!-VOTE HIM,PEOPLE,VOTE HIM!

… Because I can’t.:(

Apart from that temporary lapse to cartoon themes back there, my faithful old ‘radiohead’ seems to be jammed on The Unforgiven (II) ,Metallica.Why?Why.I do love the song, but that is unrelated.[Also: the automated dictionary on this thing says ‘unforgiven’ is not really a word.There’s my ‘learn a new thing everyday’-chore all done,then (no,not really!Weirdo.)]

Since I have always been driven to do something productive (ha ha), here’s what last night’s work yielded:

My mom wonders why I must draw these ‘strange, unearthly people’ (mucho affronted!Nahh..)*Facepalm*

I didn’t realize until I was done that I’d manage to sketch yet another One-Eyed,ah, person(by very loose definition, I grant).Thanks to xlucidsanityx for pointing this subconscious craze out.Now I can wonder just what this signifies (Again folks: NO.Not really.Gettit? Just my little joke.), specially with respect to (what remains of) my sanity..

The first of the lot, i call her One-Eyed Creep:

In other news: I’m bored.Help! Not tempting? Hmpf.There’s gratitude for ya!

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Yay me! I finally managed to upload the pix frm the camera! None of the computers at my aunt’s place were detecting the dumb thing! But my laptop did!

And I have internet for the next 7 days!! At 10 mbps, which ,in case you are computer illiterate, means that it is very very fast! In India, if you get 1 mbps, consider yourself lucky. NEway, to the point now,

Click on the pix for a bigger view.

This is a tree outside our hotel. You should look at the full version. I Love this picture!!

We ate these. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love Tesco! The veggies there looked sooooo good, and the amount of chocolate and chocolate related things they had…*sighs wistfully*…Wish they’d get to India soon..

This is where we shopped yesterday. Its very close to our hotel and has just about everything.

( Can U find me??)

This is a view from my cousin’s room. I would love to have such huge windows in my room.

Actual proper view..

This is what I meant by all the houses looking the same. This picture was taken at 9.00 pm. Yes the sun doesn’t set here till 10.30 or so. That was the most disorienting bit. I had absolutely no idea what time it was!

Oh yeah, yesterday when we were at Debenhams and I was just looking for a jacket, my shoe heel decided to snap! Lolz! I had to limp all the way up and buy a new pair! They were my favorite peep toes..it was good though, when you think about it, I got a gorgeous new pair of Mary Janes out of it!

Yay for cute shoes!!

K l8rz ppl..

P.S. yes, I changed my icon.

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