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I will have a good answer to that this year! You see, normally my summers are quite boring with the occasional weekend out because I don’t have near-death experiences like Fuzzy and blackwingedconvolution.*headdesk* God only knows how they manage to do that to themselves…What would they do without me? *sighs* Now, my Septembers usually more interesting, but that’s not what I’m here about. I’m visiting the UK for 10 whole days!! Yay! My dad’s finally decided to take a break (God he needs one!). I’ve been to London twice before but I’ve never really gotten out of there except for that one time when we visited Windsor castle and got lost on the way back but that’s another story.I distract myself far too much.

OK, So. Yeah, so we decided we would tour the UK and I wanted to go to Scotland coz I’ve read so many books with boarding school castles on a cliff overlooking the sea that I really wanted to see them.

I am soo excited!! I’ll post pictures and stuff whenever I can get a hold of an Internet connection.

Places I’m going to see:

Glastonbury– This is supposed to be the most probable place for the location of Camelot!! I need to read up on my King Arthur.

Stonehenge– Yeah duh! But Sooo cooool!

Bath – Old Roman city. Still has the Roman baths preserved, hence the name.

The Cotswolds – In the Midlands. They’re supposed to be the most beautiful part of England with a perfect country side with little villages and everything.

Westminster Abbey– I’ve never been inside only just seen it from the outside. So cool, I’ll get to see where Isaac Newton was buried..

Tower Of London– Ditto, xcept for the buried Isaac Newton part..

Edinburgh– The famous capital with the castle and museum and stuff. I love museums!

The Isle Of Skye – Its way up north and I picked it partly coz I like the name..Lolz! If I’m lucky I might me able to see the Aurora borealis, ie; the Northern Lights!!!

Shetland– Its a group of islands and from what I’ve seen absolutely beautiful! Its in the northern most part of the UK. The best part though is that we’re going there by ferry! I am going to be on a ship for 12 hours! The last time I was on a ship was when I was I think 3 or 4 and it was for like 30 mins. Not much of sea trip.

We might go to Aberdeen too but I’m not sure if there’s much to see there. We’ll see.

Did I tell you I loved museums? We visited the British museum of Natural History on our last visit and it was fantastic! I mean a half a day is definitely not enough to learn about the history of the world!

OK, enough of that. I shall now enlighten you to the plans that I am to implement in case blackwingedconvolution meets her (untimely) demise. This is for anyone who cares to organise her funeral in case I die first which she assures me is not possible.


1. Coffin must be in the middle of a Syntex tank( U knw the water tank thingies?).

2. Coffin must be black and graffiti-ed by Mike Shinoda.

3. Coffin must have a seat in front of it.

4. Black Roses must be used.

5. Fuzzylogic2000 must wear a pink tutu and come dressed as a fairy princess.

6. Sanj must not attend.

That is all I think. If the instructions are not follwed to the T, she shall haunt you to the end of your dåys and believe me you don’t want her bugging you for the rest of your life. Getting bugged by her for the rest of her life is bad enough! Lolz!

Thats all I guess..

Did I tell you I was excited?



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