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To whomsoever this may cause concern(ha ha!): I’m good as gold.What happened:

I was on the terrace with my mum and bro who..decided to skate.On the terrace.So he lugged our in-line skates up there and,well,skated.After a while of watching him(and taking his snide remarks about my supposed inability to skate), I thought ‘Enough is enough’ (actually,I didn’t think at all or i wouldn’t have done it.Nahh..Who am I kidding?) and proceeded to show him just what I could do.And what I could do was? Practically die.In my defense, it was going smooth as butter until then-OK,pretty decent,seeing as I haven’t touched them in,like forever.But then I decided to take a break, and what should I do but half-stop and hold on to a clothesline.So far so good.From said position,I stuck my tongue out at my brother, apparently declaring my genius all over again while unaware that I was sort of…moving.You know,dragging back on the rope to move forward,that sort of thing? My feet moved-and slipped-and I fell on my head.The thunderous clap that that produced resulted in my mom’s coming over from the other end of the place.I think she thought I fell over the parapet wall-she,being a doctor having witnessed oh-so-many such cases is amazingly paranoid.I just sat there for a second,eyes shut and she was going beserk-ish.Then my bro decided to console her with a thoughtful “It’s OK if it’s just her head, nothing in there to be damaged..”.And, like the maniac that I am, I laughed and laughed (and boy,did that hurt!), causing my mom to suspect insanity, I imagine.Since I couldn’t get up, I hurled something vaguely in his direction (though judging from his incessant laughter, I missed.)

Consequence: We are both hereby forbidden to skate up there.‘What if something had happened? No,it is NOT funny! Are you sure you’re OK? Do you want a Paracetamol ?’.Anyone would thing I was an invalid! Jeez.

*Sigh.And that,folks,is how I almost died.My mom is still looking at me funny-like (and also keeps insisting that I’m very lucky I’m not bald!), and my back is positively killing me.I am not going to read this one over because laughing makes my head throb.

Other than that? Nothing much happened.I might be out for the weekend, though.

‘Later,then (unless I die, in which case..I’m broke,so no money-issues (and no school,yay!); I want my funeral exactly as I’ve planned it-xlucidsanityx will elaborate in the likely case of my demise.It’s been nice knowing y’all.’Nite!)

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Hey ppl. If you’ve been following this blog, you would’ve realized that psychoticoddity has disappeared and is now fuzzylogic2000. (Do I hear “why fuzzylogic2000?”, Plz wait)


I tried logging into my account for about one whole day and couldn’t cuz it kept popping “incorrect password.” So I just cr8ed a new one.


Fuzzylogic becuz I was thinking of those fuzzy dice (aren’t they cute?)




And now, Idol watch:

Syesha’s out. It’s a David vs. David final.


Gooooooooooo David! (Cook, he’s the one!)

And yes, the producer’s  picked a not-so-good song for Syesha. And she took her elimination pretty well, unlike Brooke White. And I must mention that I love her name. (yes, I have an obsession for names!) And Archuleta’s pick was good, like completely different. Yeah, in a way it’s not him. But it was good. David Cook was good. Vote for him, all u ppl out there!


Anyhoo, later.

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He he.. Yeah,unlike most of the world, I don’t love Edward (“How could you?” ?).Not that I’m a Jacob/Bella shipper (I know I said I’m bored,but not quite that much.Yet.) because then I couldn’t have Jake.:D

Last night I completed my third and final (until Breaking Dawn) Twilight series-cover version…Satan,I do not know where that sentence was going.What I was trying to say was,oh heck-just look:

“…And to your right we have further proof of Twilight-obsession”:

‘S all for today.Seeing as we had a power-cut all morning and all I did? Roll over and try to sleep.And fail miserably at it.Lovely, innit?

‘Later.(No,really.I think I might be out for the weekend.*sob. Of course I’ll visit when I can 🙂 )

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