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Hello! This post is long overdue. Please blame the electricity people who decided to make the lights go on and off so many times that the circuit which my router was connected to fused which subsequently led to me being disconnected for 2 whole days!! You may also blame my recent defeatist mood…Writing here is kinda like shouting into outer space..sad..yes..But whatever ( Lolz!) I’m over that. Anyway, I am here to save you all (Who??) from everyone else’s madness, by supplying you with my own!! See, I’m a genius! Lets C, I went to dance lessons like three whole,entire days in a row! We did the Salsa. We all had to find partners and dance. That was OK, as long as you didn’t get someone who was, if its even possible, worse than I was. Sadly there were people worse than I was. People who danced like robots.

In other news, I drew Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi or Curious Play, whatever you want to call it. I watched the anime for a while before I got bored. The story had a very good beginning but then it deviated from the main story line a lot of times, so I decided to stop watching it. But I still think that Tamahome is one of the cutest anime guys! I love his gorgeous green hair!

The reason for the not so amazing picture quality is that I had to take a photograph of the actual picture coz it was too big to fit on my scanner. So what do you think??

He’s being controlled in the pic..In case anyone was wondering…

In other other news, Clay Aiken released his new album!!Its called On My Way Here. I really love his voice. Its just so different. My favorite songs on the album are Falling and Ashes. Maybe because they’re not as pop-y as his usual fare. Sad that he didn’t win AI 2. I think the voting system is messed up. It should atleast be 50-50 with the judges,though Paula might give everyone a 10.

And he dyed his hair blonde!! I like his look from A Thousand Different Ways better.

Thats all I guess. We went to the beach again today (you may groan!). It was fun…I think…Adzzie kept scaring me by saying that there was going to be Tsunami coz the water had receded!!! Horrid pig that one!

Oh well, thats all I guess..

About more than 2 weeks left for school now…

I’m missing school actually..


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Hmm…a lot of interesting (and even more,crappy!) songs there,and my mind remains unchanged.

David Archuleta:

The seventeen year-old favourite (not in my opinion,but apparently..) did justice to all of his songs.I think we’ll be seeing him,next round.However,I do not think any of his renditions anything very special.Paula Abdul picked “And So It Goes,” Billy Joel -typical,ballad-y…overall? Good performance.His own choice of Chris Brown’s “With You” was,I thought, a refreshing change from the usual but Simon took the words right out of my mouth when he declared it to be very ‘Chihuahua plays Tiger’. The last one (Producer’s choice) was (that sickening load of mush) “Longer,” by Dan Fogelberg.Now I haven’t heard the original, but from David?It was..ugh!Not that the vocals were at all bad,but honestly:

” Longer than there’ve been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew

…Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew

..I’ve been in love with you.” ? ‘Nuff said,I think.Weirdos.


I’m just glad that so far,my Top 3 have been the Top 3.Although,like everyone else,I wish Carly had stayed longer (maybe #4 ?)and that Jason had just ‘sat around the campfire and sung the campfire song’ (Spongebob,anyone?).Right now I’m stuck for a decision between Syesha and David A.

Song List:
‘If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys (Randy’s pick) – Good one!
”Fever,” Peggy Lee – Again,she’s proved herself a pretty darn amazing singer and performer.And her vocal range,I’ve always been a fan of.I agree with Randy.Hmpf.
”Hit Me Up,” Gia Farrell– Honestly?Not lovin’ it.But, Ok.

David Cook (eeeeeeeep!OK,no..not really):

He still has my vote.Well,technically anyway- since I live in India.Sucks,no? Not really 🙂 Here’s hoping that our resident rocker doesn’t follow in Daughtry’s footsteps on this one,ah,thingy.

Song List:
‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” Roberta Flack(Simon‘s pick)- “Round one goes to Cook and Cowell..” (quoting Simon).Ha ha..is there any way I can vote Simon? Satan,I’m glad he’s back to agreeing with me.About the singing? I am trying very hard now not to sound like a frikkin’ fan girl but ‘omg,i love him’!And that,folks,is my unbiased opinion.For real.If he does not win,forget Hell,there’ll be me to pay!
”Dare You to Move,” Switchfoot -Appropriate,to quote him.Not his best,though.Not least because the original is freakin’ brilliant..
”I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” Aerosmith – Perfect.I back Paula’s prediction,and would like to direct Randy to http://www.honestlywhatsyourproblem.net.

(Also : did anyone notice how Paula didn’t just gush through it all this once? Usually, it’s all “You are so beautiful” and “I am so proud of you” regardless of the performance.Nice change.Keep it.)

So.Basically,I’m heading the Cookie Jar Cult and I’d be happy no matter who takes second.Long post,what?

I’ll be seeing ya.


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hola ppl……………greenie is thriving……………….& i’m very very bored & yeah i watched stick it yestday & i luv it………………those who hvnt seen d movie ignore dis…………….i luv d end part where dey all strut abt & mock d judges & i luv wei wei & obviously haley 2…………….d ntional competition part & i also hv 2 clean me room 2day…………….BLEH!!!!GROSS!!!!! & yeah apparently mallika sherawat & shriya were severely admonished & also got a court notice for wearin’ “immodest attire” during sum launch thing & all d dignitaries on stage had 2 endure mental agony wen dey crossed deir legs*coughs delicately* neway how is it dat none of dem complain while watching movies where several questions arise as 2 whether d clothes worn then r torn & stitched or stitched & torn???????Shoaib was in gud form yestday & managed 2 save his team’s face;i wanna c 2days match-mumbai vs chennai & sachin is gonna make his much awaited debut in d IPL & yeah abt cx’s special day yestday…….it was abt her favorite snacks…………jubes u noe d cuby things with d water………..yeah their recollection of d 1st day on earth………………& yeah apparently kalayaripayattu………….martial art of kerala is bein’ tot here as in ‘ere in chennai & girls r not allowed 2 learn it………….hmpf…………. i also feel like eatin’ a chocobar or mayb i’ll just make lime juice…….slurp….so maybi’ll do just dat now…….c ya

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