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Satan.Now I know where that came from.As you’ve probably guessed by now,much ‘dropping’ was done today (not in the birdie-sense!).Honestly,why anyone would wantonly subject themselves to such torture (and pay for it too), I do not know.I never liked shopping, especially for myself and this just backs my staunch hatred.Ugh!(repeat till satisfied).

So.We went shopping.Why?My brother threatens to kill me if I let you in on this one,and this being the Holidays and all, I don’t have a death-wish.Yet.Here I shall specifically point out that it was also a Saree-shopping excursion in part (Do I see looks of pity and comprehension?I’d better).See,generally?I’m not claustrophobic.But when you have to share shop-space with more people than numbers I can count-or care to..well,let’s just say it’s a bonus in the nightmare department.And most of them Sarees look the same anyway-with the creepy gold patterns that could probably double as reflectors on highways (energy saving,environment-friendly and useful.How many points do I get for that?).What would I not give to just go shop at a little old place in the middle of nowhere with no Other People,what ? (Or better-not go shopping at all..bliss.*sigh)The highlight of my day so far has been persuading my mom to not get me one.

I dare you to beat that, people.Beat.That.Hahh!

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