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OK ppl *waves to imaginary ppl*…That *points to left* is my pic,so U ken tell its the Awesum Chinky posting..U knw other than the fact that it’ll say”posted by xlucidinsanityx”..he he..I will, in all probability change it by next week…but NEway…getting to the point…Dentists are all sadists!! U’ll need some background info here…U C, I *unfortunately* have braces and have to get them tightened every month. I use the term tightened very loosely here, its more like monthly maintenance..but really tightening sounds better. The doc usually does more than just tighten the wire across my teeth ( which he does with a screw driver type thing). He generally hits my teeth, yanks them and basically does just abt everything to get them aligned. I knw its supposed to help me and stuff but no one told me it would hurt so freakin’ much!!!! I had one of my torture sessions with him today, he actually, physically pulled two of my teeth to the front..I screamed like crazy… I bet all the other patients ran away..Lolz! The doc always says that he should take anxiety pills before attending to me. All his interns say that too.I’m infamous at the place. *grins* Dentists use tools that a. Look majorly scary and b. Look like they’d probably be more useful to an electrician or a mechanic,what with the screw driver and everything. This is like an early warning for everyone else who is getting braces too. My condolences to you. Lolz! But hopefully mine’ll be off by December…

Standard Dentist' Tools..Omg...thank god I shut my eyes everytime..

On the bright side, I had my first dance lesson today. Sanj and me are taking dance lessons for the summer. We did the Slide and the Triangle today. It was more like aerobics or exercise than actual dancing…Guess we’ll move on to that later. It was still fun and definitely helped my no exercise situation..Lolz!

OK done for the day probably..or MayB I’ll write again if like an alien ship lands here..


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