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Hello Peepal!!

So yeah..Hi!!! Yes we knw it sounds like pee-pal…Yay! I’m jumpy…..So umm…we’re 7 “peepal”..here’s a post frm every1..


Full Name:

Sanjana Iyer from Notre Dame Academy, Patnaaa

Post: Resident person to bug


Full name: Aditi Iyer

Post:Doesn’t matter-so long as u worship me,we’ll get along fine.


Full Name: Laavanya S(hanku-daddy)



Full Name: Aparna (better known as Yabarnas af the carner yend one)

Post: H…yper Woman!!! To the rescue!!


Full Name: Saranya Menon …Soon to be Iyer

Post: Wife of Adzzie /Chocolate Gourmet

Surudhi Maa

Full Name: Shruti C.

Post: The offendee….ALWAYS! (don’t kill us!)


Full Name: Snigdha  (Snugguchungygurl)

Post: Hair consultant

That last one’s me btw…I’m awesum!! Yay!

Ok now..Adzzie wants to speak:

..which means u will all SHUT UP.Yes,this is a rule.Don’t worry..doesn’t happen too often..he he. Now u noe y u wanna worship me always,dontcha?

Sanj sez:

i wanna watch a movie…!!!!!…..n snugguchungygurl is against it … 😦

…..n laav is takin mad foot pics!!!

marthe wants 2 speakkkkkkk!!!!!

okkkkkkk……………..sanju has proved time & again that she is insane………& i’m hungry & wanna skate& learn martial arts(my friends r rollin’ their eyes…………….& i’m going 2 eat& now lavvie wants 2 bug d rest of u 2 death so i might as well give in b4 i lose sanity………

Yay me!!!!! ( i love london from the suite life thingy on tv) so… “narak mein jao”

That means go to hell… n adz keeps taking mad piccys of me… “come feed the rain, coz i’m thirsty for ur l;ove” i love that song..

And now… i’m gonna eat.. SO let snuggu take over,

OK ya..everyone seems to want to eat..nd they’re all over at my place and I have to feed every1…Oh go die..Serve yoursleves if U wanna eat..ok stopping I knw U don’t wanna hear abt us eating…I talk a lot don’t I..abt nonsense mostly…yes I knw..who am I talking to NEway?? Who’s reading this…. i’m rambling..Ok Done..Bye..

Oh W8…

We have piccy things 4 everyone..so yeah..

U knw what? I’ll post l8r..every1 wants to eat..Bye..

Er,apparently i’m supposed to say bye too,so.

bye!!!….m hungry…….

Yeah………….kk BYE

FYN, MARW!! (universal lingo– here it means bye.. lol)

PS: Surudhi and Saru aren’t here today..so yeah..guys post sumtime..L8r..

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Hello world!

So. For anyone that’s wondering- i like to imagine there’s other people reading this- what exactly that was all about (say ‘aye!’) : A group of seven loony-folk decided they needed to publish the aforementioned madness for all the world to see ( ‘sharing’ and all of that,you know? ) And,well,here we are. You’ll have to figure out which one of us is posting (if anyone else posts at all) through the color text we use. And a picture,maybe..when we get around to doing that.

‘Nuff about that,then.


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